About Alfred Sparman

Alfred Sparman

Dr. Alfred Sparman was born in Guyana and migrated to the USA with his mother as a young child where he attended Erasmus Hall High School. Following his graduation, he then enrolled at Long Island University to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. On completion, he moved to the next stage in his goal towards medicine and was accepted at New York Medical College where he began his four (4) year journey to acquire his Medical Degree.

He went on to his research and surgery internship at Brooklyn Hospital/Syracuse Medical Centre. However, it was around this time that Dr. Sparman’s path would be altered after being charged with abusing his ex-wife. Fortunately, he was able to complete his placement at Brooklyn Hospital/ Syracuse Medical Centre and continued onto his medical residency at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital (Mount Sinai Hospital). It was here that Dr. Sparman began to focus his studies to specialize in cardiology. He moved from New York to Florida where he completed his Cardiology Fellowship at the Jacksonville Medical Centre.

Dr. Sparman never stops striving to go one step further and is not the typical physician as he does enjoy hunting for new business ventures that peak his interest. He currently is the CEO of The Sparman Clinic and his latest project is a supplement manufactured by Life Pill Laboratories LLC. The Life Pill: 40+ Heart Defense was developed to aid in the fight to reduce the prevalence of heart disease and sticks to his mantra, ‘Keep Close to the Plant.’